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Sort of a PSA

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So no one think's this place has gone belly-up...  I'M ALIVE.  And to prove it, I'm here!

I'm trying to participate in NaNo this year (and I'm already flustered, but we won't go there just now), as well as get a research paper done, plus an accompanying presentation.  Aw boy.  Time, she's a'slippin' away.

The other big, neat thing I'm getting more into is....*dun dun dun*...PUPPETS.  I've always liked making plushies and only a couple years ago did I finally start to really figure out the complexities of puppet-things.  Not the sock-types (although they're still a lot of fun), but the...I guess, Muppet-type, for lack of better phrasing.

Go back a couple entries and you can see Jeremy from Yellow Submarine, whom I fashioned in puppet form.  (He was a hit at Fab Four Fest, BTW.)  There are other critters I plan to translate into talking plushies, as well as some original ones that I'm feverishly designing right now.  I wish I had more hours in the day and more energy so I could fly in and build them in a day's time, I swear.  Currently, they're relegated to weekends and my scant few moments of spare time.  I hope to share them once they're completed, though as a whole, I have no clever name for my batch of weird critters.  For now, they're just...my critters.  XD

I've also got some other crafty things on my plate that I hope to get posted on Etsy before too long.  At least before Christmas!  I'll post the link once I have something over there.  No sense sending you to blank space.

Still sketching, of course.  Once I have my puppets and things made, I'll share the design drawings for those.  Right now?  Not everyone's getting a peek just yet.  ;)  Hey, it'll be worth the wait.  They're cute.  (Well, says me, anyway.)

Cripes, I still have drawings I haven't posted here yet.  I'll try to get on that later.  For now?  More Dayquil and another box of tissues, please.
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Kitty Sketch Things

Look--A public post! Oooo...

I've been messing around with canvas paper and colored pencils lately, just to see what would happen.

I've ended up with what I call...CAT THINGS. Yes, they're cartoony, but that's just my style. And who doesn't love cats and cartoons?
Little previews:


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They're 8 1/2" x 11" and pencils on canvas paper, as mentioned before. Toying with selling an original for a price I haven't quite figured out yet. (Suggestions welcome.)

I'll probably be toying around with this stuff for a while. I'm curious as to what I end up doodling next.
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REVAMPING - Inaugural Post


The purpose of this journal/account/thingus is to serve as a place to dump my artwork, sketches and crafty ventures without cluttering up Friends Pages.

It may end up mostly Beatles and then again, it may not.  My interests are varied and scattered, so there's really no telling exactly what I'll post here.

I can only assure you that it will be my work.  :D

This will most likely be a Friends-Locked area, since I'm kinda weird about some of my stuff.  Some of it may venture into NSFW territory, in which case, I don't want to be blamed for whatever nuttiness ensues when someone complains about that sort of thing.  Everything will be behind a cut and each cut will come with a warning of what's behind it, whether it's safe for work or not.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to have some things posted soonish.
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Adopt an Evil Plushie?

Does anyone out there have room in their home for a little demon?

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He likes graffiti and weaponry and to hide in dark places, just for the sole purpose of jumping out to bite someone on the ankle.  Don't worry, he doesn't eat much and I think he's housetrained.

I'll have one of these little guys available for sale around the first part of October.  (The photos are of my pet demon, Norris.  Norris himself is NOT for sale.)  The demon plushie is my fluffy interpretation of the demons found in Kong Studios over on www.gorillaz.com.  My plushie design is based on the work of Jamie Hewlett.

The Kong demon stands about two feet tall from horn to toe and is a combination of machine and hand sewing, so he is NOT intended for children.  He's more of an art piece that you can hug.  And dress up.  Just make sure you leave a space for his tail, should you stick him in short pants.  He is made of super soft, suede-feeling fleece and stuffed with the standard Poly-Fil critter stuffing.  Button eyes, so again I emphasize that he's not for the kids.  Plushie eyes tend to pop off and land in small tracheas--It's for your safety and mine.

He is not freestanding.  I just know how to pose my critters for photos.  :D

He will be available for $40 US or best offer, plus Priority Shipping with Delivery Confirmation.  I insist upon this for him because he's a unique piece.  If you'd rather have him sent First Class, please let me know!  Right now, I can accept money orders, cashiers checks or carefully concealed cash,though I will NOT be held responsible if your money gets lost in the mail.  That's your choice to make.  Outside the US:  International Postal Money Orders PLEASE!  (Those are the pink ones.)  Shipping cost will be somewhat different; please email to discuss.

If you'd like to adopt a Kong demon, please email me:



(Another demon may become available toward the holiday season.  If so, I'll make sure to let everyone know.)